International Conference of Anffas “Intellectual Disability and Neurodevelopment: human rights and quality of life”

The first International Conference of Anffas  “Intellectual Disability and Neurodevelopment: human rights and quality of life” was held in Rimini on 2nd and 3rd December. The initiative has been underlined by the United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs as opportunity in commemoration of the International Day of Intellectual Disability.

The Conference, thanks to the presence of the leading experts of national and international level in the field of intellectual  and neurodevelopmental disabilities , was a valuable opportunity to reflect on the current situation, exchange views on best practices, innovative solutions for the future, with particular attention the issue of human rights and quality of life of people with disabilities and their families throughout their cycle of life .
Among the speakers of the Plenary Prof. Miguel Verdugo – disability Psychology at the University of Salamanca,  Dr. .ssa Donata Vivanti – Vice President of the European Disability Forum and Dr. Francesca Pasinelli – Director General Telethon Foundation. During the day on Saturday was also interviewed the journalist, parent and author, Gianluca Nicoletti.
The plenary work was moderated by Prof. Luigi Croce – President Scientific Committee Anffas Onlus, Professor at the Catholic University of Brescia and Psychiatrist.

Anffas Massa Carrara has actively participated in the work of the Conference through  reports on experience concerning the Centre for the treatment of Autism during childhood, on paths oriented to the support of autonomy and independent living, and suggestion to use the Ecological Matrices tool for program planning habilitation / rehabilitation.
It is also noted the intervention concerning the work inclusion that has dealt with how to actually support the work inclusion path of people with intellectual disabilities and / or relational who described the good practices of Au.T.O. Project and its developments.

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