Design according to “Quality of Life”

A first seminar of Prof. Luigi Croce, on the subject Quality of Life (QoL),was held on February, it aimed at all the operators of Anffas Massa Carrara.

The construct of Quality of Life which is the center of thought and action of Anffas is connected with the basic assumption that people need to be recognized in their specific characteristics, with their resources and their limitations
The prospect of QOL is represented by the articulation of the 8 domains, in line with the biopsychosocial model of health proposed by W.H.O.:

Physical well-being,
Material well-being,
Emotional well-being,
Personal development,
Interpersonal relationships,
Social inclusion,
Rights and Empowerment

The decision to consider the quality of life  as a primary dimension in order to guide the development of therapeutic and rehabilitation programs in our facilities, has taken place for several years.
The seminar in February was a further step towards the knowledge and sharing of thought that guide and direct the clinical practice and rehabilitation. The path continues, and of course there are other training seminars .

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