Publication on “Autism and Developmental Disorders.”

An article on the experience of Au.T.O project is published in the third volume of  Erickson editor  “Autism and Developmental Disorders.”  The article is written by Anffas Massa Carrara and  describes the birth and the development of the project, with notes on methodology and results and a summary of the contributions of the European partners.

“Methodology and Epistemology”

We are proud to share the introduction of the “Operational guide on best practice” which describes the methodology and the epistemology related to the integration of people with ASD into labour market. Read all: Methodology

Operational guide on Best Practice

We are proud to share with you, the operational guide on Best Practice This Handbook will show the best practice carried out by AUTO Project, related to the training methodologies and tools used to support autistic adults to enter the labour market. In the first part are listed the different support needs of people with ASD, in order to identify the best approaches to use with each target group.The tools […]

Handbook of tolls, revised

It’s now available a new version on Hanbook of tools and metodologies selected by AUTO Project in order to collect an overview helpful for people with ASD and AS. Happy surfing handbook of tools annexes

(Italiano) Final Report of Pilot Testing

We are happy to share with you the final Report of the Pilot Testing. In this document you can find an overview of the experiences of the students and  trainers . Read more Final report WP3

“National and European overview concerning assistance for adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)”

This article written by Anffas onlus describes the possibilities which are offered to adults with ASD, in Europe, with a focus on the inclusion in the labor market. The data coming from research developed in the first stage of the Project  AUTO are available as report, in the “outcames” part of the web-site. In the article are presented some examples of good practices, including the Italian experience of Cascina Rossago […]

“Autism spectrum disorder: symptoms and diagnostic criteria; the problem of employment”

We present an article that offers an overview of Autism, the first diagnostic classifications to date. The second part of the article emphasizes instead the importance of interventions on social skills in adulthood. Read more

Article realized by Blijdorp ( Romania)

This article is meant to be a warning signal both for parents with children with ASD and those involved in the recovery of these children.In particular it intends  to underline the importance of socialization in autistic person’s recovery process . Read more:

Article realized by Die Querdenker ( Austria)

article querdenker

Article realized by EUPRO from Lithuania