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Anffas Onlus

Anffas Onlus – National Association of Families of People with Intellectual Disabilities and/or Relational
It is a huge group of parents, family and friends of people with disabilities who work for more than 50 years, present throughout Italy with:

  • 168 local associations,
  • 16 regional bodies
  • 45 Autonomous bodies.

Anffas was founded in Rome March 28, 1958

Anffas involves more than 14,000 members in its 168 national local associations; guarantees, daily, services and support to over 30,000 people with disabilities and their parents and family members, employs about 3,000 professionals in more than 1000 centers, managed directly or through independent Anffas agencies co-operates with further 2000 people, both volunteers and external advisors.

Anffas promotes the principles of equal opportunities, non-discrimination and social inclusion and protection of civil and human rights of people with disabilities and their parents and family members manages a significant number of associative structures which operate as acknowledged centres for providing care and health services to public bodies

Anffas at national level:

  1. establishes and maintains relationships with governmental and legislative bodies to international, European , regional level, as well as with local authorities and with the public and private centers operating in the field of disability;
  2. promotes and participates in initiatives in the legislative field , administrative and judicial protection of persons with disabilities and their families
  3. encourages research, prevention , treatment, habilitation and rehabilitation on the intellectual and / or relational disability
  4. adopts the principle of social inclusion, with particular regard to f education , vocational skills and the involvement in both the social context and the work environment, through a specific path
  5. provides the training, retraining and continuous learning of its professionals and the staff of all levels, directly or indirectly working under ANFFAS sphere. To this end, it uses its own scientific committee and an on-site learning and training opportunities.
  6. support the development of facilities and services such as habilitation , rehabilitation , health, social, social health , social care , education , welfare , educational , socio-educational , sports – recreational engines – pre- coupon and pre- sport , training centers , day-care facilities and / or residential , even so the joint between them .
  7. assists, establishes and manages entities aimed to the publication and dissemination of information dealing with priority issues relating to disability.
  8. assumes , at each location, the representation and protection of human rights , social and civil rights of citizens for their particular intellectual disabilities and / or relational , by themselves, often do not know or can not represent .

 ANFFAS Onlus di Massa-Carrara

Was founded in 1968 by Mrs Valeria Job Mass and the Head of the municipal police of Carrara Mr. Elis Baratta.

Since from the begininnig, its principal aim was to provide services and activities for such young adults who completed their special schools and could not find any support from institution and the society to take care of them in the aftermath.

Services provided by non-profit ANFFAS of Massa-Carrara

  • Rehabilitation Center of Massa- Carrara (CDR) provides intensive and extensive rehabilitation under a half –residential treatment, for persons with intellectual disabilities who may also have relational impairments Within the CDR a specialized treatment for autism in young adult age and is provided, regarding Motor and Sensory Disabilities too. It has also a branch in Aulla (MS)
  • R.S.D. Monteverde makes available rehabilitation activities , characterized with high integration activities, social and health care, offered to adult and adolescents with stabilized disabilities (mainly neuro-psychic ones) who are not self-sufficient or partially self-sufficient , and may not be supported at home or at intermediate structures.
  • Integrated center for the treatment of infantile autism ” Il Calicanto ” offers treatment and rehabilitation activities to children affected by autism spectrum disorders.
  • Center for adolescents at risk , managed in collaboration with the Health Local Unit of Massa Carrara, having seat and premises in Massa and dedicated to teenagers and / or pre-adolescents with complex personality disorders , mood disorders, conduct , thought, substance abuse and affective disorders resulting from serious deficiencies. It is intended to cope with persons with poor abilities to mantain good relationships and create meaningful connections needing both an individual or family or gropu therapeutic program.
  • “Group- Apartment” an opportunity given to independent people having disabilities who have completed a rehabilitation program.
  • “SAI” provides activities and services of reception, listening and support for families of people with intellectual and relational disabilities, in order to help and support them in their natural role of protectors and promoters of rights of citizenship, the equal opportunities and non-discrimination.


  • About 150 people treated and assisted
  • About 100 employees
  • Over 20,000 daytime rehabilitation services provided per year
  • Over 9,000 residential services provided per year
  • Over 16,000 transports per year
  • Approximately 2,000 hours of training per year
  • Approximately 4,000 square meters of buildings used


  • Pian del Castellaro:
    Center which will provide integrated services, both half- and full- residentiallly, to in- and outpatients with physical, psychical and sensorial disability. The center will extend on an area of  approximately 5,000 square meters
  • Il Casolare:
    Centre for the treatment of autism in children 0/5 years


Via Piave, 7 bis 54033
Carrara (MS) – Italy

Ph. & Fax 0585.841444 – 0585.845277
Email: info@anffasms.it

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