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AT: Die Querdenker

Who we are

  • Private company run as a social firm
  • 14 emloyees in Austria, Romania, Rep. Moldova in counselling and farming – different professions
  • Founded 2002 by Tom Zuljevic-Salamon –  thirty years of experience in the integration of people with special needs

Our guiding principle

We do our work based on a personal and social responsibility and primarily focus on the protection of human dignity and the implementation and improvement of social standards that strenghten the social position of people with special needs.

Our motto

No bird soars to high if he soars with his own wings” (W. Blake)

We understand the wings as the competences of our service users, and when we are helping our service users to get known of their competences and when we succeed with implementing this knowledge and increasing the trustiness in this knowledge we are reducing the risk of accidents and frustration.

Our work: Supervision

  • Individual,  Team and Group supervisions
  • Organisational development
  • Elaboration of guiding principles
  • Organisational consulting, development and implementation

Our work: Coaching

  • Individual coaching of persons – Support in a professional context
  • Integrational coaching for people with disabilities
    • Potential analysis and orientation
    • Planning
    • Implementation
    • Implacement

Our work: Integrational Coaching

  • Stabilisation
    Giving time, developing relationship, developing trustiness
  • Analyses of potential
    Focus on potentials and not on deficits
  • Measering competences
    Using special tools and methods to visualize the social, soft and hard skills of our service users
  • Focussing on talents
    To help service users to get known of their talents
  • Developing a integration strategy
    Increasing employability threw focusing on health, social situation, skills and qualification (house of employability of Juha Illmarinen); reducing inclusion barriers
  • Developing qualification plans
    Using all gained results and develop on this basis a tailor made qualification plan; realizing this steps with the work foundation (labour market administration financed programme for all kind of professions and a maximum duration of three years)
  • Realisation of the planned activities
    Using all our networks for implacement with an ongoing counselling offer

Our work: Project development

  • Developing new approaches
  • Improving the living conditions of people threatened by social exclusion
  • Projects in this fields:
    • Social issues
    • Integration
    • Labour market policy
  • National and international networks


  • Basic idea: lifelong learning
  • Further education in the course of seminars and workshops:
    • Social issues
    • Personality development
    • Work
    • Vocational integration
    • Culture
    • Leisure time

International projects

  • ESF, Interreg, Lifelong Learning, Daphne, Europe Aid, EIDHR
  • Management-Consulting for NGOs
  • Rep. Moldova – psychiatric asylum Edinet
  • Ucraine – Inklusion
  • Deinstitutionalisation Serbia
  • Combat Exclusion – Finland, Belgium, Austria
  • Development of comunity based services – Serbia
  • NGO development Romania
  • Social economy as an instrument for rehabilitation – Rom
  • Motivation of trainers and trainees – Finland, Turkey, Austria


Die Querdenker e.U.
Tom Zuljevic-Salamon

Franckstraße 26
4020 Linz – Austria

Mobile: +43 (0) 664 52 13 542
Ph.: +43 (0) 732 / 91 69 31
Fax: +43 (0) 732 / 91 99 61
Email: info@die-querdenker.at

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