Design according to “Quality of Life”

A first seminar of Prof. Luigi Croce, on the subject Quality of Life (QoL),was held on February, it aimed at all the operators of Anffas Massa Carrara. The construct of Quality of Life which is the center of thought and action of Anffas is connected with the basic assumption that people need to be recognized in their specific characteristics, with their resources and their limitations The prospect of QOL is […]

Publication on “Autism and Developmental Disorders.”

An article on the experience of Au.T.O project is published in the third volume of  Erickson editor  “Autism and Developmental Disorders.”  The article is written by Anffas Massa Carrara and  describes the birth and the development of the project, with notes on methodology and results and a summary of the contributions of the European partners.

International Conference of Anffas “Intellectual Disability and Neurodevelopment: human rights and quality of life”

The first International Conference of Anffas  “Intellectual Disability and Neurodevelopment: human rights and quality of life” was held in Rimini on 2nd and 3rd December. The initiative has been underlined by the United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs as opportunity in commemoration of the International Day of Intellectual Disability. The Conference, thanks to the presence of the leading experts of national and international level in the field of […]

“Easy to read” tools

For people with intellectual disabilities, life-long learning is not only about learning new skills or vocational training. It is about being included in society, being able to represent oneself and to take more control of one’s daily life and future. However, one of the main barriers for people with intellectual disabilities to access life-long learning programmes is the lack of accessible adult training and information material in easy-to-understand language. To […]

“Methodology and Epistemology”

We are proud to share the introduction of the “Operational guide on best practice” which describes the methodology and the epistemology related to the integration of people with ASD into labour market. Read all: Methodology

Operational guide on Best Practice

We are proud to share with you, the operational guide on Best Practice This Handbook will show the best practice carried out by AUTO Project, related to the training methodologies and tools used to support autistic adults to enter the labour market. In the first part are listed the different support needs of people with ASD, in order to identify the best approaches to use with each target group.The tools […]

Handbook of tolls, revised

It’s now available a new version on Hanbook of tools and metodologies selected by AUTO Project in order to collect an overview helpful for people with ASD and AS. Happy surfing handbook of tools annexes

(Italiano) Convegno “Autismo: vivere da adulti, abitare, lavorare. Auto, un progetto europeo”.

Il 28 marzo 2015, in vista della giornata mondiale di sensibilizzazione sull’autismo, che si celebrerà il 2 aprile, ha avuto luogo a Marina di Carrara presso la sala dell’Autorità portuale il convegno “Autismo: vivere da adulti, abitare, lavorare. Auto, un progetto europeo”. L’evento èstato promosso dall’associazione Autismo Apuania onlus, in collaborazione con il Cesvot (Centro servizi volontariato Toscana), patrocinato dall’Azienda Usl 1 e dall’Anffas onlus di Massa e Carrara. Nel […]

START AUTISMO è un progetto speciale della Regione Abruzzo per promuovere l’inserimento al lavoro di persone con autismo, affidato alla Fondazione Il Cireneo onlus per l’autismo, all’Associazione “Focolare Maria Regina onlus” e alla Fondazione Maria Regina, in rete con partner italiani ed europei.Tra i partner europei segnaliamo National Autistic Society (NAS) – Prospects Employment Service di Londra (UK): Prospects è una delle realtà sviluppate nell’ambito delle iniziative promosse dalla National […]

Safe Surfing

Safe Surfing People with intellectual disabilities to get training on data protection Identity fraud, cybercrime, cyberbullying – all dangers we knowingly or unknowingly face when simply using the Internet. With 17 per cent of Europeans falling victim to identity theft every year, data protection is a major problem for all European citizens, and particularly for people with intellectual disabilities. While the use of technological tools was one area which people […]